What Are The Common Pediatric Dental Emergencies?

July 4, 2022

6 Common Causes of Pediatric Dental Emergencies

A pediatric dental emergency can occasionally occur despite the parents’ best actions. The following are common emergencies that can affect your children.

1. Toothache

A toothache can affect children of all ages and usually has an underlying reason. Common causes of tooth pain are tooth decay, dental trauma, tooth fractures, and wisdom teeth eruption in teenagers. Using a cold compress can help reduce the pain temporarily, but you will have to visit a pediatric dentist in West Jordan to have your kid’s tooth checked as soon as possible.

2. Knocked-Out tooth

If your kid’s tooth gets knocked out completely, parents must contact the pediatric dental specialist in West Jordan immediately. Time plays a crucial part in saving and reimplanting the tooth. The dentist will not restore a knocked-out baby tooth because reimplanting it may harm the tooth bud and the erupting permanent tooth.

Unless the damage is serious, the West Jordan emergency pediatric dentist will try to restore a knocked-out permanent tooth. The possibilities of successful tooth reimplantation are higher if done within an hour after the incident.

3. Dental Intrusion

There are circumstances where dental trauma might push a tooth farther into the jawbone. The push is often substantial enough the tooth ligament and socket get impaired. If a dental intrusion occurs, a pediatric dental specialist in West Jordan should be called instantly. The dental expert will check the nature and depth of the intrusion and determine the measures to take.

4. Tooth Displacement

Tooth displacement can be defined as extrusion, or lateral displacement, depending on the tooth’s angle after the incident. The tooth is luxated if it remains in the socket and the pulp is undamaged. However, the tooth’s protrusion angle is probably affected, and there may be a rupture in the supportive jawbone.

Extrusion is when the tooth gets partly dislodged from its socket. In kids, primary tooth extrusions are usually fixed on their own without any interruption. But, for permanent teeth, treatment is needed to save the tooth.

5. Broken Tooth

The tooth crown is the biggest part of the tooth and the weakest. The dentist will analyze the scope of the fracture with a dental X-ray. If the tooth’s color shifts, it means the inner portion of the tooth (pulp) is also impacted. Minor crown fractures can be restored with composite resin or sealants, whereas severe fractures require pulp treatment.

6. Root Fracture

A root fracture can be a result of direct trauma and is not seeable to naked eyes. If the dentist doubts a root fracture, they need to take dental X-rays. The seriousness of the fracture, the tooth’s location, and the scope of discomfort will decide the next step. In worst cases, the tooth may need extraction.

Pediatric Dentist For Handling Dental Emergencies In West Jordan

When your child complains about a toothache or has suffered severe trauma or has loose teeth. Do not ignore these signs, you need the help of the best pediatric dentist for handling dental emergencies as soon as possible. West Jordan pediatric dentist can provide you with the best emergency care you need to restore your little one’s oral health. Contact us today if you live in West Jordan or the surrounding community.