When You Should Take Your Kid To A Pediatric Emergency Dentist?

September 22, 2022

We teach our kids to brush thoroughly, floss daily, and stick to minimal sweets, but sometimes dental emergencies occur despite our proper oral hygiene. At Clubhouse Pediatric Dentistry, our dentists want to make sure parents everywhere know the different types of dental emergencies that can occur to their kids and when to make an emergency dental appointment.

5 Signs Your Kid Needs Pediatric Emergency Dental Care

1. Cracked Tooth

Chipped & cracked teeth can be common in children. As they start to explore the world around them, accidents are bound to happen. And usually, these can result in tooth damage.

Cracks and chips may appear minor, but they can quickly advance into something worse. They offer bacteria a place where food and sugars get accumulated, resulting in the decay of the tooth. 

Vertical and diagonal cracks across a child’s tooth should be a matter of concern. If they get bigger, they can split down to the root inducing pain. Contact a pediatric dentist in West Jordon immediately for restoring teeth

2. Toothache

Toothaches can induce a dull throbbing or sharp pain, which is undesirable at best and brutal at worst. Most toothaches are due to tooth decay, gum disease, or infection. Though they can also arise from other dental problems, such as teeth grinding. No matter the cause, and even if you can’t see indications of damage, a toothache is a sign that your child should see a pediatric dentist as soon as possible.

3. Excessive Bleeding of the Gums

Gums are sensitive & it is not unusual for them to bleed when subjected to minor trauma, such as forceful brushing or a little impact. When gums start to bleed unduly, it is a symptom of gum disease, and you may need the help of local West Jordon children’s dentist.

Swelling is also a symptom of gum infection and may be followed by redness or sometimes, severe gum bleeding. When left untreated, further considerable areas of swelling could imply the presence of an abscess. These are extremely sore and can cause infection if they pop. 

Abscesses themselves are a result of tooth decay. Therefore, your local pediatric dentist in West Jordon will need to treat the tooth and gums. 

When your child brushes their teeth, watch out for any indications of swelling or gum disease. It is much more effortless to treat if you catch it in the developing phases. 

4. Jaw Swelling

If your kid has fallen and experienced jaw swelling later, they may have dislocated or even damaged their jaw. This swelling is often followed by bruising.

If it’s broken, the pain may be rather severe. They may have difficulty opening or closing their mouths, chewing, and speaking, even if the pain is fairly mild. You know very well that a dislocated or broken jaw needs an emergency trip to the pediatric dentist.

5. Bad Breath 

Furthermore, while this can sometimes be a common event in adults, it shouldn’t be the same for children. Caffeinated drinks and rich foods can cause bad breath in adults, but as children follow much simpler diets, bad breath is not considered normal.

If you notice that your child’s breath has transformed and become worse, then it is concerning. Your best bet is to speak to a pediatric dentist and try to resolve the cause of this issue, and the best way to fix it that you contact your nearest pediatric dentist in West Jordon.

Pediatric Emergency Dental Care In West Jordon

If you have any of the signs, contact a dentist in West Jordon right away to get urgent dental care for your kid. At Clubhouse Pediatric Dentistry, we have a team of highly skilled and qualified pediatric dentists to offer you emergency dental care for any dental issues. Contact us now!